Lincoln LS Air Suspension is your one stop shop for all Lincoln LS Air suspension and suspension conversion kits. When the Lincoln LS was initially introduced, it was heralded when the domestic answer to the high quality mid size sedans from Europe’s luxury brands. At the time, the rear-drive LS had the style along with the technologies to take on Europe’s best in ways few American cars could. The LS had the option of a V6 or V8 and, due to its rear-wheel-drive settings and well-tuned Lincoln LS suspension, was entertaining on a back road. But as well as the LS seemed initially, the car became less appealing over time as the ranks of newer, more competent and more luxurious entry-luxury sedans increased. With sales slowing, Lincoln discontinued the LS the 2006 model year.

Though lacking a little in terms of prestige as well as processing, the Lincoln LS continues to be respectable choice to get a used luxury sedan with sporting tendencies. Its pricing is leaner than many competing models, and repair costs should also be a bit lower than the ones from some American vehicles, but do not expect the LS to be as trouble-free as its competitors from Japan. A mid-size entry-luxury sedan, the Lincoln LS was produced the 2000-’06 model years. Originally, the LS was for sale in just two reduce levels differentiated through the engine equipped. The Lincoln LS V8 came a 252-horsepower, 3.9-liter engine that moved the sedan from zero to 60 in 7.5 seconds. A five-speed automatic transmission was standard.
The more affordable choice was the LS V6. Its 3.-liter engine given just 210 hp but a little better gas mileage. With this engine, Lincoln initially offered either five-speed manual transmission or perhaps a five-speed automatic.Typical features for together cars and trucks included dual-zone automatic climate control, a power tilt-and-telescoping controls, alloy wheels, fog signals and ABS. However, several upscale products, such as a navigation method, weren’t to begin with offered. At the time, all of us discovered that V8 versions of the Lincoln LS Air Suspension sleek and appropriate acceleration.

The drive had been relaxing and compliant, and also the LS was at its very best whenever being used as a touring sedan rather than a great-out sport sedan. Notably, it had been roomy enough to make comfortable quarters for four adults. The interior materials fell shortin terms of quality, though, and storage space was minimal within the cabin. Early models had automatic transmission problems, so it is smart to avoid them for the used market. Even if that issue was addressed by Lincoln, shifts from your automatic are not exactly smooth and many customers still complained. Due to this, we’d advise any prospective LS buyer to do good test-drive before purchasing.


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