Air Suspensions

In case your Lincoln LS air ride system is leaking down, ensure you find the leak before buying components. Many people think when there air suspension will go below, it indicates they want a new air spring, solenoid, or compressor. That is definitely sometimes the case, but often it could be only a leaky seal. It is important that you simply check for leaks, an effective way of doing this is cover the system in soapy water, to create the leak visible. Once you do that you could notice that it is coming from an air line or air bag. If thats the case you’ll now understand what to replace. In case you dont notice any leaks, maybe it’s an extremely slow seal leak.

When using air ride suspension conversions there are solenoids which are into each air spring. These solenoids are what control the release of air in the air spring. There are several small seals on these solenoids, that often will be the cause of a leak. If you feel its these seals try and put some around them and watch very closely. It may be leaking to slow to discover. However, if you cant get a leak elsewhere, it would be a good idea(blank) replace the seals, as seal sets are just about $10-$12 for each solenoid. A slow leak from one of these seals could eventually cause your suspension air compressors to go out.

Once you replace these seals, the ones that leak are usually each that between the solenoid and also the air spring. But it’s also wise to go ahead and replace the seal that goes between the solenoid as well as the line as well. That seal is provided along with most seal kits anyways. It really is particularly important to switch these seals anytime which you remove the solenoid. As the seals will go out even if the solenoid has not been removed. But once it is often removed they are going to never seal up right, it’ll leak whenever.

Lincoln LS air ride system have several major benefits over steel spring suspension systems. Air suspensions have a wide turning range and don’t require the adjustments that steel springs would require to achievea similar a better standard of turning capacity. Most air springs progressively adapt to different compression levels, which often provides a better level of handling than spring systems. Air suspensionsmay also be easier to customize than ride control suspension, and therefore individual vehicle owners can make their own amounts of softness or hardness by easy tuning methods. Air suspensions are usually much better at carrying heavy loads while still providing an appropriate ride. Many hot rod and customized car enthusiasts also use air suspensions to give their vehicle a customized look or “stance,” meaning they alter the way it sits, tilting the vehicle forward or backward.


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